Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The power of one voice

We as students enter our classrooms every day and we sit on our favourite spot if we can, or next to our most close classmate. We take our books out and listen to the teacher. We finish our lesson and we stand up, we take our things again and go home, where our beloved people -in most cases- are waiting for us.
But what happens when this is not a normal scene in other parts of the world? Why is it common for other people to go and study hiding their school elements under the items of clothing?
This is what happened to Malala, a simple pakistani student who got tired of pretending she was in a lower level than she was actually in (the same happened to her female classmates). And as she pointed out, 'When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful'. She spoke up, and this lead to her being almost killed twice. But she never got silent. The whole world learnt about her and the reality surrounding her. She even became the youngest Nobel Prize winner for being an activist for female education.
So be thankful for being in a classroom, all male and female students alike, be thankful for that spot you own, and always remember: